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About  Jungleyoga Yoga Teacher Training Thailand School

   Jungleyoga runs  unique yoga trainings in both Bali and Thailand. We encourage and teach transformation, exploration, creativity and fun. We teach both Yoga Teacher Trainings in  Thailand and Bali and run both 200 hour trainings and 100 hour modules for  advanced and intensive learning. Our trainings are in beautiful locations immersed in nature.

The Thailand trainings are on the beach, in clean and spacious surroundings on the beautiful island of Phangan.  Our Bali Trainings are at the magical Yoga Barn in Ubud. Yoga Teacher Training Thailand.

We base our yoga training on traditional Yogic and Tantric systems, synthesized for modern life. We teach dynamically and intelligently, with openness and humor to encourage each person to flower in their own way. Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

The school was created and is directed by Randall O’Leary (Ram Giri Baba), who has created this yoga system to help students learn and teach creative, intelligent, fun and transformative yoga. It is a unique system which incorporates wisdom from various yoga and Taoist traditions into a consistent and accessible yoga style.

We are a Yoga Alliance fully certified yoga teacher training school.

Trainings: Dates, Locations and Costs

  • April 2017 School of Sacred Arts Training 200 Hour Training @ the Yoga Barn
  • July 2-28 -2017: 200 Hour Yoga Training Bali; July 2-28 -2017 @ the Yoga Barn, Ubud Bali $3300 USD
  • August 6-September 1, 2017  200 Hour Level 1:  @ The Sanctuary, Thailand $2600 USD
  • October 1-28, 2017 School of Sacred Arts Training 200 Hour Training at the Yoga Barn,
  • February 25- March 23, 2018 200 Hour Level 1 @The Sanctuary, Thailand $2800 USD
  • Early August 2018 100 Hour Module @The Sanctuary, Thailand  $1400 USD
  • Mid August 2018 100 Hour Module:  @The Sanctuary, Thailand  $1400 USD
  • December 2018 200 Hour Level 1  the Yoga Barn, Ubud Bali (Dates TBA) $3400 USD

Petro Speaks about the Jungleyoga Course

Jungleyoga: Latest News

April, 2017. We have been very creative at Jungleyoga  of late, publishing an entirely new book of Asana and postures to support the teacher trainings and we have revised the mantra book and brought it into its fourth edition! If you wish to order either of these texts you can write us on the contact page. We also have the Jungleyoga Dipika book available on the ‘shop’ page of this site. It is a more detailed explanation of yoga from a perspective based on tradition and experience.

In other news, we had a very successful Gypsy Yoga Tour of India, where we take adventurous yoginis to India to experience the joys and pains of yoga in that magnificent but challenging country. You can join us on this fantastic tour in November or February. Visit Gypsy Yoga

Upcoming workshops include our first ever Bali Training at the Yoga Barn in Ubud and our annual, fun filled August Training in Thailand. Write us to apply for a course or a tour!