Certificates and Registration

We Are a Yoga Alliance Certified School

Jungleyoga is a registered yoga school with the Yoga Alliance of the United States. The School is called Jungleyoga  and is registered at both the 200 Hour and 300 Hour level. The School is registered under #34383 as an RYS (Registered Yoga School).

Randall is an experienced registered yoga teacher (ERYT-500) at the 500 level. He got this certification in 2005. He did not attend any 200 level training, by the time certification was implemented, Randall had already been teaching for over 10 years and was ‘grandfathered’ into the 200 level.   He is registered as #34382.

All the trainings are certified courses under the Yoga Alliance, satisfying all requirements outlined by that body. The one month course is the 200 Hour certification and the 6 week course falls under the 300 Hour certification.

Students will receive a certificate after completion of a course. This certificate shows that one has completed the necessary training to apply for the status of ‘registered yoga teacher’. On order to be a registered yoga teacher, one must apply to an official body of yoga such as Yoga Alliance or the equivalent in your country. If you have completed our course, you are essentially guaranteed the registration/ certification. However, there are application fees which are not covered by the course itself. Many choose not to become a registered teacher. If you are not going to teach, there is no need to register. You can apply any time after you complete the course.

There is a certain controversy about this registration, because it does not  actually say anything other that that you have taken a yoga course. It says nothing about the quality of your education or about the quality of the training you took or about what you know.

However, some teaching jobs ask for a certificate, but usually your teaching should speak for itself, certificate or not. Of course, the more experience and education you have in yoga, the more you will be able to offer.

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