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The Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Thailand course will be on a break in 2017 but we hope it will be up and running again in 2018. 

We plan to start teaching more modules in the 100 hour (2 week) format. This is easier for people to attend than a 6 week course and give more flexibility for students. Write us for more information about our upcoming modules.

The JungleYoga Level 2 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is an course designed for the experienced student who wants to deepen their knowledge and experience of yoga.This six week course in split into three modules, each lasting 2 weeks and students can sign up for one or all three modules at the same time.

The goal of this course is not only to know more about yoga techniques and philosophies, but also to have a transformative personal experience as well. To really grow as yogis and yoginis, we need to grow as individuals and our 6 week Level 2 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training on the beautiful paradise island of Ko Phangan, Thailand is a perfect setting for learning and growth.

With this in mind, we design the course as an exploration of yoga for the individual student. We believe that learning to be a teacher comes as a person grows and learns about themselves, and experiences the yoga practice on a deep level. Only then is a person fit to teach authentic and transformative yoga.

The Schedule

We will do quiet practice (meditation, mantra and breath) for the first hour of the day, followed by 2 hours of postures. After breakfast, we discuss the ideas and concepts behind the practice. After mid day break, we have our 3 hour afternoon session. This usually adds up to about 7 hours per day of yoga. Much more that this is difficult to manage, so we usually try to keep this level of intensity. Some days will be slightly longer.

  • 7 AM- 8 AM Quiet Practice: Meditation, Breath and Mantra
  • 8.15 AM- 10 AM: Asana and Postures Practice
  • 10 AM- 11 AM: Healthy Breakfast at The Sanctuary
  • 11 AM- 12.30 PM: Lecture, Philosophy and Discussion
  • 12.30-4 Mid Day Break
  • 4 PM- 7 PM: Afternoon Workshop


We have designed the advanced yoga teacher training course in three modules, each two weeks long. Each module focuses on specific areas of yoga practice and are useful stand alone courses or can be taken together for the full Level 2 qualification. 

The flow of the modules will take students gradually into the depths of yoga practice. Such a vast and deep art takes a long time to learn; things must be learned slowly and gradually for them to be truly understood and absorbed. The Level 2 course is designed for students who are committed to learning more about yoga and have the energy and determination to do so. These modules are designed to help students move to new levels of their practice.


The course will feature Jungleyoga director Randall O’Leary, teaching modules on all 6 weeks of the course along with other experienced yoga teachers including Gaelen Hanson, Haylee Claire and Tina Nance.

The first 2 weeks we will have Gaelen Hanson leading classes and practices on the Yoga Sutras and Self Inquiry. Weeks 3 and 4 will feature teachings by Haylee Claire on mantras and other Hatha Yoga practices. Tina Nance will teach a special and unique section on Yin Yoga and Meridian Yoga on the final 2 weeks of the course.

Randall’s 6 Modules will feature:

Week 1 of the course will reinforce the foundations of the yoga practice. Deepening one’s understanding of the essence of yoga practice is never a bad thing. We will look at the essentials of the physical postures, the breath, the energetics and the philosophical foundations of yoga. Even experienced yogis will benefit from the refinement of the fundamentals in this week. These fundamentals must be solidified before we can move forward.

His other modules will cover Hatha Yoga philosophy, Bandhas and Energetic Yoga as well as Ayurveda and Lifestyle lessons, Tantra and Ritual and more.

Tina Nance’s 2 Yin Yoga Modules will feature:

Week 1:

  • Day 1: Mind/Body Connection, Subtle Anatomy of The Chakras, The Nadis and the Meridians.
  • Day 2:  Intro to Yin Yoga – History, Contemporary Meridian Theory & Mindfulness
  • Day 3:  The Anatomy of Fascia & Connective Tissue
  • Day 4:  TCM & Yoga :  Five Element Theory & The 12 Primary Meridians
  • Day 5 : Anatomy : The Variables of Alignment : Individual Bodies & Skeletal Variations
  • Day 6:  Mindfulness : How to Meet What Arises on & Off the Mat

Week 2

  • Day 1: The Metal Element
  • Day 2 :The Water Element
  • Day 3 :The Wood Element
  • Day 4 :The Fire Element
  • Day 5 :The Earth Element
  • Day 6 : Teaching Yin Yoga

Our Teachers

The course is designed and taught by Randall O’Leary, Gaelen Hanson, Haylee Claire and Tina Nance. 

All  teachers have many years of experience in practice and teaching both classes and advanced yoga teacher training courses.

We will have other teachers in on occasion to teach specialized subjects.

Please see our Teacher’s Page for more information

Our Module Topics

Week 1: Foundations

  • What is Important? Setting Goals and Priorities to Enable Progress in Yoga
  •  Constructing Grace: Building Postures, Breaths and Meditation Step by Step
  • Looking Closely: How to Sequence Powerful Physical, Breath and Meditation Practices

Week 2: Guided by Tradition: The Yoga Sutras

  • Learning Through Sound: Chanting the Yoga Sutras to Deepen Understanding
  • Looking at the Source: Exploring the Mind and Its Effects on our Lives
  • Traditional Yoga: The Yoga Sutras and Expansive Practice

Week 3: Working with Prana and Expanding Life Force in Yoga

  • The Energetic Landscape: How Yoga Understands and Works with Prana
  • Yogi Doctor: Cleansing and Detox in Yoga
  • Sound Intoxication: Using Mantra and Voice in Yoga

Week 4: Yoga as a Way of Life

  • Wisdom in Living: How Yogis Sleep, Eat and Move in the World
  • Nectar and Poison: Diet and Exercise According to the Yogis
  • The 3 Pillars: Sleep, Food and Sex

Week 5: Yin Yoga and Ayurveda

  • Deep Yoga: Yin Practice, Health and Balance
  • The Science of Life: Ayurveda as a Healing and Balancing Tool
  • You are Unique: Your Personal Constitution and How to Be Healthier

Week 6: Meridian Yoga, Symbols and more Ayurveda

  • The Flow of Energy: Chinese Medicine and Yoga
  • Yoga of Symbols: Seeing Spirituality Everywhere
  • Ayurveda Expanded: More Exploration of Ayurveda
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