Upcoming Yoga Trainings

For Teachers and Advanced Students
  • Puja and Fire Ritual Workshop, Mahadevi Ashram, Guatemala. January 6-8, 2018
  • 100 Hour Advanced TTC: Tao Yoga, Inanitah Community, Nicaragua. January 14-26, 2018
  • 100 Hour Advanced TTC: Prana and Pranayama, Monte da Morada, Portugal. June 25- July 5, 2018.
  • Workshops Around Europe, June/July 2018

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Modules for inner growth

Yoga is a ‘living wisdom’. Through the dedicated study and practice of yoga, this wisdom integrates itself into our consciousness and begins to manifest throughout our lives in magical ways. Yoga is an endless path of enquiry and discovery and we believe that ongoing study is the key to evolving into an inspired and motivated teacher. Jungleyoga offers 300 hours of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, set out in a series of short intensive modules, taking students toward their 500hr Yoga Alliance certification.

These Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Modules are:

  • Prana & Pranayama – 100 hours
  • Yin Yoga & Tai Qi – 100 hours
  • Rituals of Yoga – 50 hours
  • Teaching & Adjustments– 50 hours

These trainings build upon the foundational knowledge gained through any 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Each module delivers new dimensions of understanding by diving deeply into specific practices & philosophies. The aim of thisAdvanced Yoga Teacher program is to inspire participants with specialized studies of yoga; to color their personal practice and infuse new wisdom into their yoga teaching.

This is an amazing opportunity for Jungleyoga graduate students to reconnect with our teachers and with fellow students. Jungleyoga also welcomes advanced students and teachers from different lineages to join these modules. We intend for this program to be easily accessed by our students, therefore Jungleyoga will step out of its jungle home in Thailand to offer some of these short immersions in different locations around the world including Europe & Central America.

Read more about our Portugal Advanced Teacher Training

Visit the website of our hosts in Portugal: Monte de Orada

We will also be adding more 1oo Hour Modules to continue to support our students in the never-ending path of yoga knowledge and experience. If you would like to host us in your area to do workshops or a 100 Hour Advanced Teacher Training, just write to us and we can try to organize an event.

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