Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Foundations of Our Yoga

We think that a guiding philosophy is very important for a yoga school and for a successful life.  At Jungleyoga we follow a general philosophy which guides us towards living and practicing with wisdom.  It could be called a philosophy or a creed, but it is certainly not a rigid set of rules. Overall, we strive to “Do the right thing at the right time.” We do our best to act in a way which is beneficial to all creatures around us, and causes harm to none. yoga 200 hour training

We welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of race, nation, sexual orientation, religion or any other category which separates people from each other. Our goal is unity and harmony. What we don’t want in our program is judgment, ego, criticism or bad attitude in general. We insist that students accept people as they are and treat others as they would want to be treated. This is real yoga in action.

Most importantly, we believe that everyone is unique and that the exact same set of rules could never apply to everyone (except the Yama and Niyama rules of conduct from the yoga philosophy!) Therefore, we try to allow for people to follow their own path (dharma) in the way they see fit. As long as this way does not injure others or cause suffering, it is fine. yoga 200 hour training

‘Sustainable Yoga’

Through this method, we can be safe and not hurt ourselves, but we can also go deeper and make truly lasting changes within us. Haste and hurry often cause injuries, problems or other errors. By working well, we can work deeply and strongly and really get the most out of our yoga practice. yoga 200 hour training

We practice what we call ‘sustainable yoga‘, which is based on the concept that we want to be able to continue our yoga practice for our whole lives. We do not want our yoga to exhaust us or injure us. Many yoga trainings seem to take the opposite approach and push students to the point of exhaustion or beyond it. This is neither healthy nor yogic. Our goal is to be able to finish a training and be able to (and want to) keep going with our yoga practice. In fact, we aim to be stronger and more energetic by the end of a training, not less!! yoga 200 hour training

This is not to say that we are all serious, we aren’t! More often than not there are smiles on the faces of teachers and students. There is plenty of laughing and fun along with the teachings, because certainly a person learns better when they are relaxed and comfortable and have a smile on their face.

Our general goal as teachers and as a yoga school is to help people learn yoga deeply and also to grow to be the person they want to be in life. We try to bring out the best in the students as well as in ourselves as we learn and practice yoga. We do this with a combination of intensity and light-heartedness; with both strength and softness in the right measures. yoga 200 hour training

How We Teach

We keep our teachings very open so that individuals can grow in their own way. What is important is that a person is doing the right thing at the right time. What students need to discover is what is appropriate to be doing at that particular time and place. In this, we employ many teachings of Ayurveda (Vedic medicine and healing) to uncover what is appropriate for an individual.

So, as teachers, we are guiding students to discover what is best for themselves, not to be copying the teacher or some set ‘style’ of yoga. Certainly we have specific methods of doing things and ways of working that we know work for most students. We also follow the wisdom of certain traditional yogic and tantric traditions because we know that they work.

In this quest for yoga, it is important to work with intensityintentiondedication and intelligence. We wish for a deep transformation for each and every student, but not at the expense of health or well-being. Our method of working is one of gradual cultivation, not a hard and fast intensity which can be dangerous. We make sure that proper preparation is made in each practice, so that students can learn the essentials Once the essentials of the postures/breaths/meditations are learned, we can build upon them and intensify the practices.

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