100 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Prana and Pranayama


June 25th- July 5th, 2018

From € 1650

This 100hr Advanced Teacher Training Intensive focusses on the study of Prana – our life force energy, and on the various approaches to and practices of Pranayama – the techniques which utilize the breath for purification, energetic cultivation, and as the doorway into altered states of consciousness. Meditation practice is also heavily explored within this course. This Training is designed for experienced practitioners of yoga and yoga teachers. 


This course offers a comprehensive study of:

  • Prana; in the form of the life-giving energetic force which is accessed through the breath, body and mind through our yoga & meditation practice.
  • The yogic energetic system & the nervous system; Learn how these systems act simultaneously & are affected and manipulated by specific practices of yoga including Pranayama.
  • Pranic practice; Understand how to approach and teach asana practice which focusses on the cultivation of Prana and expands our capacity to feel the natural and extraordinary movements of Prana within the physical and subtle body.
  • Qualities of prana: Learn how to use asana and pranayama to affect the quality of energy. Understand when, why and how to stimulate, expand, circulate, calm & ground prana. Learn accessible practices which flavor the energetic experience through the use of the five elements & of different chakras.
  • Breath dynamics: Learn about the nature of the 4-parts of the breath and how to enter into altered states of consciousness through these doorways in experience.
  • Pranayama Practices: In-depth practice and discussion of Antara, Bhaya & Kevala Kumbhaka, Viloma, Kapalabatti, Bastrika, Anulom Vilom, Chandra & Surya Bhedana, Nadi Shodhana, Sama & Visama Vritti. This course includes daily dedicated pranayama classes which include our unique Swara Yoga system of rhythmic movement and breath, along with the seated practice of pranayama.
  • Yoga Asana & Tai Qi: Daily morning practice of Yoga Asana in slow Vinyasa Flow style. Some afternoons will include the Taoist practice of Tai Qi which rivals asana practice as one of the very best methods for Pranic cultivation and which inspires much of Randall’s teaching.
  • Meditation and Yoga Nidra: Experience active and seated meditations stemming from lineages of Yoga, Tantra, Taoism & Buddhism. Most evenings will conclude with the practice of Yoga Nidra for deep restoration.
  • Interconnection: Sense our connection to breath as the constant pulse of life which is a constant rhythm reflected in the greater cycles of life and in nature around us.
  • Bandha & Mudra: Practice and discuss the use of these powerful energetic gateways within asana and within seated pranayama practice. Understand how to use bandha in a subtle way which amplifies the energetic sensitivity of the practitioner.
  • Kriya: Practice and discuss yogic purification methods of Kapalabatti & Nowli Kriya
  • Kundalini: Understand the manifold expressions of the awakening Kundalini Shakti; how to navigate an experience of this infinitely powerful energy within your body, life & yoga practice. Learn how to support your students who may enter such an awakening through yoga practice, regardless of your personal experience with this energy.
  • Tantrik Philosophy: Discuss and experience the breath as an expression of Shiva & Shakti and learn about Spanda; the innate pulsation within the heart of existence. Practice meditations from Tantrik texts which penetrate the ordinary experience of breath and body and inspire a lived sense of interconnection.
  • Mantra & Homa (Fire Ceremony): Learn about energy as vibration through the use of sound, specifically through the powerful practice of mantra recitation. We will also be experiencing a number of ‘Homa’ fire ceremonies, in which we offer the mantras into the fire. These unique ceremonies utilize the transformational power of the element of fire in order to energetically purify the participants and the land.
  • Sense Withdrawl & Silence: Experience the power of sound through silence with the practice of ‘Mouna’. One day of this retreat will require all students to remain in silence as Pratyahara (sense withdrawl) in order to observe subtle shifts within their practice and consciousness. On this day we will continue with guided asana, pranayama & meditation, forgoing the lecture and offer students more time in the afternoon and evening to be in self-guided silence.
  • Teaching: Learn how and when to sequence specific pranayama within an asana class. Learn how to use Swara Yoga to incorporate breath patterns into movement. Practice teaching different pranayama techniques and guiding meditation.
Basic Information

Basic Information

This course is a 100hr Advanced Teacher Training Intensive which is accredited by the Yoga Alliance which you may add toward your existing 200 or 300 hour accreditation.

In the Jungleyoga 200 hour TTC we dive deeply into Pranayama and returning students can expect to be familiar with many of these practices which we revisit in greater depth; both physically and esoterically. This is a chance for returning students to reconnect with our breath practice at an accelerated speed and recharge their system with fresh philosophy and new practices.


We are aware that many other yoga schools do not offer Pranayama as a core component of their 200hr and many qualified teachers do not have any idea how to incorporate or teach Pranayama, nor do they understand how to intelligently practice energetic cultivation through yoga, breath or meditation. Jungleyoga welcomes all students from different lineages wishing to extend their knowledge in this area. We offer a comprehensive and accessible system of breath practice which radically shifts the approach and experience of those who engage consciously with this system and with the infinite power within their own breath.

Daily Schedule
  • 06:30 – 09:30 am: Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
  • 09:30 – 11:00 am: Breakfast
  • 11:00 – 12:30 pm: Discussion of practice and philosophy
  • 12:30 – 15:00 pm: Break
  • 15:00 – 18:00 pm: Workshop including discussion & physical practice or teaching practice
  • 18:00 – 20:00 pm: Dinner
  • 20:00 – 21:00 pm: Yoga Nidra, guided meditation or Homa (fire ceremony)

This course is designed for advanced practitioners and teachers of yoga.
This course refers to and expounds upon the basic understandings of yoga that one should have received from a 200 hour TTC. When we approach yoga from a physical perspective we may look at the structures of asana and explore the diversity of shapes and movements of the body and the innumerable benefits and insights that arise from this practice. If this is what you are looking to explore, please apply to our 200 hour TTC as this is foundational material which is not the focus of this training.  If you have not completed a 200 hour TTC and have a specific interest in learning about Prana and Pranayama, you may write to us and we will consider your application based on your foundational practice and comprehension of yoga & meditation.

It is a requirement that you are interested in going beyond “yoga as exercise”.
In yoga philosophy, the physical body is seen as the gross layer of our experience. The pranic body – the energetic body – is not dense or visible like the physical body, and therefor is considered to be more subtle. Pranic practice is inherently more powerful as it takes a deeper level of concentration to engage with prana directly.  This course primarily teaches subtle practices; meaning that our asana and Tai Qi practice will be relatively gentle and our focus will be on the conscious and spontaneous movements of prana that arise.  

It is a requirement that you have already developed a steadfast belief in the energetic system.
Please do not apply if you are skeptical of words such as “energy” or “chakra” as these are at the core of subtle yoga and we do not wish to waste time convincing anybody of this content.

It is a requirement of this course that you are in good physical and mental health.
The physical body is the container for our experience. It is expected that you will be present and participate to your full capacity in all classes and lectures.

It is a requirement that students are dedicated to the regular practice of any embodied modality such as yoga, martial arts or dance. This course does contain 3 – 5 hours per day of physical practice of asana and Tai Qi.  Students who are not self-directed with asana are asked to commence a minimum of 3 asana classes per week to prepare their physical body in the lead up to this course (and because yoga is amazing, so just get on the mat!).

It is a requirement that all applicants begin a daily seated meditation practice of a minimum of 15minutes per day as preparation for this course.
Meditation is a core component of this course. The more practiced you are at settling yourself into a meditation space, the faster you will be able to drop into this course and the more you will benefit from its content. Seated meditation can be physically challenging for some people. If you struggle to sit comfortably this practice is essential, so please approach your yoga teacher to help you to find the appropriate use of cushions and bolsters that facilitate a comfortable seated experience for you. We can provide you with a basic guided recording if you do not feel that you can be self-guided in meditation, please ask.


Our location is the beautiful Monte Orada retreat center, nestled in the heart of a nature sanctuary in the woods of Odemira, Alentejo, South West Portugal, bordering Algarve.

Orada is a family run, eco-sustainable, community based soul retreat centre. This is a unique spot, offering wild canopy and creek vistas and abundant wilderness silence, with easy access to a host of amazing beaches just 15mins drive from the site. Orada pride themselves on being a “space holder community, a force for innovative possibilities, new mindsets, not a standard guesthouse nor a restaurant.” Visit www.orada.eu for a deeper look at our retreat space.


Monte Orada provide organic catering, much of which comes directly from their own organic farm! Delicious organic vegetarian buffet meals will be served for breakfast and dinner which are included in the price of this course. Your lunch and snacks may be sourced from the nearby village or bought with you from home, and can be stored and prepared by you at the retreat center during the lunch break. Please advise us of any food restrictions or allergies in advance.


Our retreat center offers shared and private accommodation. The main house offers 2 shared dormitory rooms and twin share rooms. The property also hosts a number of suites, bungalows & teepees for those who would like more privacy. Private accommodation rates are higher than shared rooms and we can offer prices on application. It is important that you are comfortable and can get enough sleep during the course, so please choose the appropriate accommodation for yourself. Please note, if you snore, it is required that you take a private room… sorry.

Getting There

Our group will meet together in Lisbon in the morning of June 24th and travel by train and minivan to our retreat center where we will settle in and enjoy the first evening getting to know one another. Our course begins June 25th at 06:30 am and our learning will conclude in the evening of July 5th, with our departure by minivan & train to Lisbon by 10am on July 6th. If you are traveling internationally, and are at risk of suffering jetlag, please aim to arrive a few days early to acclimatize.


The Price Includes

  • All daily classes as per schedule.
  • Breakfast and dinners for the duration of the course.
  • Accommodation at Monte Orada
  • Transfers to & from Lisbon by train and minivan on the scheduled days of arrival and departure

Shared Dormitory: = 1650 €

2 Bed twin share room: = 1750

Private rooms: = from 2100 €, price on application, please contact us for more details.

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