Reggae Yoga: Practice with Soul

Reggae and Yoga is a natural mix of similar spiritual traditions. Many of the themes of both reggae and yoga are strangely similar. Both have a deep investment in peace, harmony, meditation, connection, good life, good food, and good thoughts. So why not put the two together into a combination that is stronger than each on their own?

We run Reggae Yoga classes every Friday (the special day for art and music in the Yoga Tradition) on our Yoga Trainings. To experience it in person, please join us on one of our trainings. If you cannot make it, you can do your own by rolling out your sticky  mat and pressing ‘Play’ on one of the Reggae playlists below.

Alternately, you can get a friend to DJ while you do practice. There are not rules for Reggae Yoga; be creative! Just be sure to enjoy your practice and enjoy the music.

Peace and Love

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