As we trod our spiritual journey, learning and experiencing along the way, we can always use new sources of inspiration. The modern world provides us with the internet and its billions of resources.  Video and audio recordings can be a wonderful source of thought-provoking, educational and inspirational material.

Here is a collection of different media for you to explore. Some might taste sweet and others might have not taste at all to you. Yogis are explorers, so sample some of these nuggets of wisdom and see how they taste!

Spanda Karika

Sadhu Mantras

Robert Svoboda Lecture

Yogis of Tibet

Cobra Gypsies

Sri Rudram Mantra

Baul Concert

Shiva Shambho Bhajan

Sadhus in Kumb Mela

A very real view of some of the happenings at the Kumb Mela and the general behavior of sadhus and yogis. Not for the faint of heart, but remember that this world is where the yoga you do now came from. See any connection?


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