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Our Yoga Teacher Training Thailand 200 Hour Course: Jungleyoga runs unique Yoga Trainings in beautiful and natural locations throughout the world. Our Modules and Trainings provide a dynamic yoga experience that is designed to inspire, enliven and educate students of all levels and abilities. Classes are delivered with openness, lightness, humor and intensity so that yoga practice can be both fun and transformative.

Our teachings source from classical Hatha yoga, traditional Tantra, Taoism and Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and other wisdom traditions. We blend these together to create a powerful and transformative system of yoga that is at once both simple and profound. Our teachings start from the essence and foundations of the practices and expand from there into depth.

Jungleyoga teachers are solid, intelligent, experienced, open, dedicated and compassionate, so that you can have the best possible training experience. We create an atmosphere that is accepting and receptive, so that every individual can learn and express themselves in their own unique way.

The Foundations of the Practice

We believe that our yoga should be built on solid foundations, so our trainings begin with the essentials. At first we concentrate on the alignment of the postures and the cultivation of breath to lay the foundations. Students get lots of individual attention so that they can refine the quality of their poses. When the alignment of the poses is good, students can progress to the deeper practices with ease and safety.

Learning the fundamentals will not only improve the quality of your practice, it is also essential for teaching yoga. All students, regardless of experience or level, benefit from a more detailed look at the essence of the practice.

The breath forms the other essential part of the foundation practices. Breath is a major focus of the course and is cultivated daily through our unique Swara Yoga breath system.

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand 200 Hour Course

Daily Schedule
  • 07:00-08:00:  Pranayama & Meditation
  • 08:15-10:00:   Asana Class
  • 10:00-11:00:   Breakfast break
  • 11:00-12.30:    Yoga Theory and Philosophy Discussion
  • 12:30-16.00:   Lunch and Beach Break
  • 16:00-18.00:   Asana Workshop and Teaching Practice
  • 18:00-19.00:   Meditation, Yoga Nidra or Yin Yoga

Our day starts with meditation. Meditation is an essential part of a comprehensive yoga practice. The course explores a variety of accessible and powerful meditation techniques to develop inner calm, insight, clarity and wisdom. Many of our meditations are based on the 5 Elements of yoga: Stability, Flow, Intensity, Movement and Emptiness. Other techniques are also utilized such as those based on witnessing, visualization or using sounds such as mantras.

Mantra practice is the repetition of specific sounds which help to shape our mind and energy. Mantra practice plays a prominent role on the training, and mantras are taught as chants which induces meditation. Students will learn various mantras and their meaning in the course and will be taught how to use them in their practices.

Breath and Swara Yoga

Working with prana and life force through breathing is one of the primary practices in yoga, but comprehensive breath systems are rarely taught in classes or trainings. Our breath practice is  Swara Yoga, one of the most accessible and transformational breath systems available today. Swara Yoga is designed to give all levels of students easy access to the profound power of yogic breathing and pranayama.

The Swara practice invites students into the many and varied practices of yogic breathing, while remaining both simple and accessible.  Swara Yoga also helps people develop a sustainable breath practice of their own. Swara cycles are important  because they are not only easy to practice, they are easy to teach. Once the essence of Swara is learned and practiced, teachers of all levels have a dynamic system of breath to share with their students.

Many students say that the Swara Cycles are some of the most transformative and profound things they have learned on the Course.

Asana and Postures

We generally practice with a ‘Slow Flow’ vinyasa style, that is both gentle and intense. This practice helps students progress their yoga because it is based on alignment, awareness and breath. The asansa build gradually from the simple to the intense.

The more intense postures such as headstand, backbends and arm balances are explored. We teach a step by step process so that students can develop postures that may be currently beyond their ability. This step by step method helps students understand the steps necessary to progress. This is useful both for personal practice and for teaching others how to get into poses.

Students are asked to guide their own development by practicing at the intensity level that suits them. In this way, students learn how to take care of themselves and listen to their own inner wisdom, instead of just taking orders from a teacher. The activation of inner wisdom is one of the primary goals of our program.

We make sure to practice safely to minimize injuries but also try to get maximum benefit from the practice of asanas by making an effort and working intensely at certain times. Our practice is only easy if you want it to be so. If you wish for challenge and intensity, it is certainly there for you.

Knowledge, Wisdom and Philosophy

Our ‘philosophy’ lessons are an essential part of the course, because this is the time where we explore the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of yoga practice. We keep the lessons practical and essential so that students can access  knowledge for both teaching and daily life. Our motto for the knowledge we share is “Easy to remember and hard to forget.”

The foundations of our philosophy come from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Tantric and Shakta traditions, Jyotish and even Taoism, Tai Chi and Chinese Medicine. These various systems are synthesized together and taught as what we call ‘practical wisdom’, the intuitive and intelligent wisdom of everyday life.

Our aim is to provide useful and accessible wisdom, not to melt your head with complex metaphysics.

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand 200 Hour Course

Listen to A Small Part of A Lecture
Learning to Teach

Our program helps students learn to teach and share yoga and helps teachers become better teacher. There are many aspects of teaching a good yoga class and we cover all the essentials. By the end of the course, students will have learned alignment of poses, adjustments, sequencing of poses, how to build and teach an entire class, ethics and approach to teaching and many other important aspects of being an effective teacher.

We offer consistent teaching practice, usually in one-on-one or one-on-two settings to get students comfortable with teaching in a supportive setting. We look at the alignments of the postures in depth so that students know how to build and teach the asanas. Our pose alignment section is a very solid and helpful part of the Jungleyoga Training Course. Students must understand the shapes and alignments of the poses if they hope to teach yoga.

We also feature a breath method, called Swara Yoga, which is a system that enables teachers to teach breath to students easily and effectively. Overall, the program is a comprehensive approach that makes it easy for students to begin their journey of yoga teaching with confidence and intelligence.

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand 200 Hour Course

Our Teachers

Our core staff consists of 2 main teachers: Randall O’Leary (Founder and Director of Jungleyoga) is an ERYT 500 Level Senior Teacher. He has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. Haylee Clare is a deeply knowledgeable and experienced teacher who excels at alignment, adjustments, meditation and energy work. We always have assistants on the course to help you have a better experience on the training and to give you personal attention.

Fire Rituals, Mantra and Puja

One of the most unique and special parts of our training is the fire puja, which we do on the beach in the evening, once a week. It is a simple and beautiful traditional ritual. We chant the mantras that we learned in the classes and focus on the fire as a method of purifying the mind and entering meditation. The ritual is very transformative but is also fun and light-hearted. This is often students’ favorite part of the course.

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand 200 Hour Course


We are a Yoga Alliance fully certified school. Students who complete a course successfully can apply for yoga teacher certification with Yoga Alliance or other international yoga organizations. Our registration number with Yoga Alliance is #34383 

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand 200 Hour Course

Upcoming Trainings

and Modules
  • October 1-28, 2017: School of Sacred Arts Training 200 Hour Training @ Yoga Barn
  • January 14-26, 2018: Sva Shakti 100 Hour Module @ Inanitah, Nicaragua
  • February 25- March 23, 2018 200 Hour Shakti Swara Training @ Pure Flow, Thailand $2800 USD
  • June 25- July 5, 2018 Advanced 100 Hour Module @ Monte Orada, Portugal
  • August 5-31, 2018 200 Hour Shakti Swara Training:  @ The Sanctuary, Thailand  $3000 USD
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