Graduate Studies Program

Graduate Studies Program

Taking Your Teaching to the Next Level


Lucy's Experience

The month spent with Randall and Haylee in the role of assistant was the perfect stepping stone from completing a YTT to actually entering the studio as a teacher. It gave me the opportunity to be able to observe the dynamics of a class and have guided instruction on how to assist and adjust in a real and practical stetting without the overwhelm of guiding the practice at the same time.

Where beforehand I mostly relied on verbal instruction from the front of the room, after leaving the assisting TT,  I felt confident to walk through the studio offering adjustments to students as needed so that my offerings to them can be richer and more complete.

Somewhat serendipitously, after returning home after the assisting, opportunities started to appear and I received many offers to teach that beforehand had not presented themselves.

The training also served to renew all of the learning from the first time around but with the fresh perspective of having been in the position of a teacher and understanding better my limits in knowledge and what specifically I wanted to grasp. Not to mention one month in idyllic tropical location with abundant yoga and wonderful humans.

Graduate Studies Program Offers:
  • Learn Adjusting and Alignments with Hands On, In-Class Experience.
  • Experience the course from a teacher’s perspective.
  • Revisit the content: Philosophy, Breath, Sequencing, Asana, Teaching Methods.
  • Receive  1 on 1 guidance from our teachers about teaching and specific topics of interest or concern.
  • A small discount on the course.
  • Earn a certificate for Advanced Yoga Teacher’s Education and Adjusting from us.

Jungleyoga is committed to the continuing education of our students and participants. In order to help you keep refining and growing your yoga teaching, we are offering a Graduate Studies Program.As with any type of wisdom tradition, it is impossible to grasp the whole of the teachings immediately. Absorbing knowledge and wisdom takes time. We must digest what we learn and then have another portion of knowledge later on. With our Graduate Studies Advanced Yoga Teaching Program, you have the opportunity to deepen what you have already learned and to absorb more essential teachings.

This Program is designed to give you deeper experience with our core teachings  and provide you with invaluable experience as an assistant adjuster and general helper on a professional Yoga Teacher Training Course. After the program, you will be much more qualified and confident to teach a quality yoga class and help your students learn safe and transformative yoga.

To learn more, you need to come and spend time in a yoga teaching/training setting. To participate in the program, you would attend one of our 200 Hour or Advanced Module Courses and work with us as an assistant. You would be both working with students and assisting with their learning. You also have time to practice and take classes as well, so you have a balanced mix of assisting and developing your practice.

Your would be paying a reduced rate for the course in exchange for your help and assistance and would receive an Assistant Certification Diploma from Jungleyoga Training School. If you want more information, please write to us and we can begin the dialogue. Join us on another adventure!

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